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The Work NEVER Ends, Accept it!

FullSizeRenderHere’s me sitting around on my ass all day like most SAHM’s! (Back off aggressors, it’s a joke! Keep reading.)

The day never ends! It is a continuous cycle of to-do’s! And I’m lucky, I have help. The hubby helps a lot! I cannot complain, but I can, and I do, WE do, because the work never ends! It literally NEVER ends!


I know you know what I mean! And lets add to that … school events. Our oldest is in kinder, this is our first year with school events and after school activities (soccer), and friends and the guilt that goes along with not being able to set up play dates because the house isn’t clean and there is so much to do and you’re sooooo…. exhausted and it’s endless and it’s really all just starting a new chapter of a new kind of busy and we can say that we love it,  but do we (large gasp for air)?

That is the exhaustion talking!

When we take a break from the chaos we often find ourselves thinking about that same thing we are taking a break from: looking at pictures and videos of our life, thinking and worrying about our babes, so, yeah, this is parenting! As much as you want to run away at times,  you run right back worried and filled with a whole new love to start the first 10 minutes before you’re ready to run away again for a drink, and sadly I don’t drink, but the hubby has an occasional adult beverage; lucky him!

I think the key here (and I am just learning this after only seven years of it) is that you have to let the to-do’s stay on the list and enjoy things once in a while or you will lose your bananas. I mean, I can’t live in chaos, so I hear that argument, but sometimes you need to leave the chaos of laundry and dishes and diapers and dusting and dinner and … grab something quick so you can sit outside with your family and listen to the birds while your children get completely covered in mud. Let go of the fear that dirt and germs are going to get them and let them live a little (this has been a HUGE struggle for this mom). Let go of the thought about how much work it’s going to be to clean those little buggers off after (you could pull out the hose). You have to be okay with the constant life of dishes and laundry and not allow it to consume you.  How? I can’t be sure, but I think the secret is acceptance. It’s the acceptance that sets us free. Accepting it and allowing it and not trying to completely control it to the point of exhaustion and insanity.

So tonight while I am not feeling overwhelmed and not feeling the pressure of having to live up to a certain standard, I let things stay the way they are: messy! And I feel okay. I feel good. I feel happy! Even with the sink full of dishes, and dirt pretty much all over everything (we have two boys), and laundry (and that could be left out because it’s a given that it never ends), because we had fun today!  The day was busy and exhausting but, we played together. We talked about our summer gardening plans. We sat outside together and ate dinner: a calm mama, two dirty kids, a jolly hubby, and very little care about our ongoing to-do’s.

So take a day to play, and let go if you can. No guilt! No pressure! Just take a day to be and laugh and let the dishes and laundry pile high, they will be there tomorrow no matter what, and that’s okay!



Mean Mama



I have my B.S. in Psychology and my M.Ed. in Elementary Education. I love to cook and bake! I enjoy writing and creating. I would LOVE to write (finish) a children's book. And with all of these things I enjoy I have NO IDEA what I want to be when I grow up. Starting here to save my sanity while I am home raising my two boys!

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