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I Heart Gluten!

Baking! It’s my get away, my mom vacation. It’s something I can do to relax and it has a really wonderful outcome: TREATS!

I’m going to say it and I may get a lot of slack for it, but …

I ❤️ Gluten! And it’s true love. It’s not the kind of half-assed love you see in Facebook pictures, it’s true love. I love it and I never want to live without it! That being said, it’s totally making me fat! (Shut your mouths!) 😂

Okay, okay, it’s not the gluten, it’s me abusing the love, but I have to blame someone other than myself. I’m a mom, I have enough guilt. I’m blaming the gluten and all of you can sit the F down and zip it. Haha!


So …. Gluten! Yeah! What can I make that is all about the gluten?  Lets see … hmmmm … Bagels! Yeah, NY style bagels. And I had never tried it before, but one of my favorite shows has been inspiring me for a while now: You Britons Rock! (I was going to use the “word” Brit, but I have read it’s derogatory, side lesson for you all! Ha!). I don’t even think they made them on the show, but they did make large fluffy glutenous pretzels, which I also made, which led me to bagels. I’m rambling! Want to see my pretzels?

Here ya go:


They were sooooooo GOOD!

Seriously, they were the gateway to the bagels! We were dipping these bad boys in mustard and enjoying every bite! They were so easy to make, which led me to the thought, “Why have I never made bagels?” And I really didn’t have a good answer, so I tried it. Baking doesn’t stress me out, it’s something I enjoy. It helps me de-stress, and that is truly great for everyone in my family. Sadly, when I was in the depths of my PPD I wanted nothing to do with my kitchen, it was mainly an extension of my house, so getting the desire and motivation back was truly a gift! I love having something to do that relaxes me and produces something wonderful for everyone to enjoy!

Anyway, back to the bagels!

These are them! Right here to the right —->IMG_3170
They came out pretty darn good, probably not perfect to a NY bakers standards, but I will tell you what, we totally enjoyed them. Sesame seed, everything, thyme, garlic, salt and pepper. Yum! And as a comparison, they were WAY better than DnD (shhhhhh, don’t tell).

I really have to give credit to the recipe and blogger that shared these delicious treats. Thank you, Sophisticated Gourmet! These are just perfect!



As an added bonus, to motivate my readers a little more to get baking if you love it, or try if you never have, here is a picture of breakfast the next day for my husband and me:


Yeah, they truly are worth it! Take the time to bake if you love gluten as much as we do! And remember there is gluten-free baking , too! It’s a short life, do what you love and love what you do! Try to enjoy when you can. As my mother always says, it’s the moments in life that make it special. Enjoy them! Make them! And if you’re a foodie, eat them!